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The TRAC (The Road-Racers of Atlantic Canada) Race Series

runs four distinct sedan series at each event — the Debert Race series, the Pennfield Race series, the Vintage series and the Moosehead Challenge 1 hour Enduro series – and an Open Wheel series, featuring Formula-type cars, depending if the minimum number of cars register..

Both the Debert and Pennfield race series consist of a 15 minute qualifying session, 12 lap Heat Race and a 15 lap Main Race. Awards are given in each class — GT1/Pro Stock, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5, and GT6 for the top finishers.

Vintage is a series consisting of only pre 1993, with a specific set of allowed modifications based on the vintage of the car and what if any race series it was originally prepared to race in.There is a zero contact rule in place and it is strictly enforced. The series consists of a 15 minute qualifying session and 2 10 lap races.

Moosehead Challenge Enduro races are one hour long each (including a five minute mandatory pit stop), with cars in all sedan classes and possibly vintage running. Awards are given for each class in this series.

Open Wheel races are 15 laps each, and awards are given to top finishers in each formula class (see below).


GT1/ProStock: 1m, 10.999 or faster (all high hp tube frame cars or production based cars with power to weight below 6lbs per hp)

GT2: 1m, 11.000 and slower

GT3: 1m, 14.000 and slower

GT4: 1m, 17.000 and slower

GT5: 1m, 19.000 and slower

GT6: 1m, 21.000 and slower

Spec Miata: Spec Miatas are Mazda Miatas that have a specific set of modifications that are allowed to ensure all cars are very closely matched. This is an affordable class to get into, and there are many resources available due to its popularity. Spec Miatas are also eligible to race in GT5 class.

Open Wheel: Open Wheel classes are split into Formula Ford 1600 (FF), which includes all Ford 1600 powered open wheel cars (with limited engine modification), and Formula Libre (FL) which is a catch-all class for other open wheel cars 2.0L of displacement and under, and those with extensive modification.

For more info about car classing see the ARMS Regional Road Race Regulations


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